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Version: 1.0.0

Account Setup

Credentials for the connection towards Cribl Stream are stored encrypted leveraging Splunk's passwords.conf. For easier handling of credentials stored in passwords.conf the dashboard Account Setup allows for basic CRUD operations of passwords.conf Entities saved in UTStreams app context.

Add Account

Accounts can be added by pressing the New Account button on the top right. The following information has to be provided for a new passwords.conf entry:

  • User name of the user as used to authenticate to Cribl Stream
  • Realm realm in which the username password combination is stored. This is a generic user-provided value without other effects.
  • Password password for the username provided

Edit Account

To update the password of an existing entry, click the Edit link in the `c. UTStream only allows for changing the passwords of a saved entity. In case of a change in username or realm, please create a new entry.

Delete Account

For the removal of a saved username password combination, the link Delete in the Action section has to be used. Confirmation is required to prevent the unintentional deletion of an entry.

There is no way back machine!

Please be aware that there is no way possible to restore a removed passwords.conf entry without proper config backup.