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Version: 1.2.0

Licensing and Support

Community Edition


The Community Edition comes with a broad set of functions free to use, but is limited to one (1) configured node connection

Community Support

The AME ElasticSPL Edition (CE) comes with community support available on Splunk Usergroups Slack Channel #elasticspl

Community-Support is also provided at community-support (at)

Community support is provided on a best-practices basis. Please expect a response time of up to 2-3 business days.

While we strive for the highest quality with our app development, we highly recommend considering our Enterprise Support Offering for using ElasticSPL in production.

Enterprise Edition

The ElasticSPL Enterprise Edition comes with the same set of functions as the community edition. Licensing is per SH/SHC Instance and the number of nodes configured.

Licenseing Examples

Enterprise Support

  • Business hours (CET Timezone) support from 8-17 with a FRT of 4h
  • Support Portal
  • Screen Sharing sessions
  • Priority bug fixing
  • Priority enhancement requests

Sales Inquiry

For sales inquiries, please contact sales (at)